Seawijh Indonesia

We are a company engaged in marine and fishery products results in Indonesia. We have the principle of exploration results and the marine fisheries with environmentally friendly, responsible, sustainable and prosperous society.

Our expert divers harvest the best quality of nontraditional marine aquatic species in the most scientific manner to cater to the sophisticated international markets. We ensure to avoid the exploitation undersized specimen to avoid the population depletion. We export our new range of products to the far Eastern Countries like, China, Malaysia,singapore, macaw dan hongkong.
Our processing is always in control as well as the quality of service is maintained.

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The Best product of the Tropical Ocean

Indonesia Birdnest

Indonesia Birdnest Group Made by Seawijh Indonesia always make a bird nest products without any mixture of third parties.
We have own bird nest house in Borneo (White Birdnest Product) and in Java (Golden / Yellow Birdnest).
We have own processing factory, so the quality level of similarity in Grade size, level of impurities can be properly maintained.
All the processing can be ascertained without chemical process and free of nitrid.

We offer best quality and fair price for bird nest grade aaa, have many stores in southeast asia. We also provide custom birdnest with the criteria as you want. of course you do not have to worry with all aspects that include cleanliness and health, we create the best edible bird’s nest, all we do very professionally. all is natural organic swifleft aka originalnest. affordable in price and quality make the bussines of birdnest is growth more fast.

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