Dried Abalone

Bao yu (traditional Chinese: 鮑魚; simplified Chinese: 鲍鱼; Jyutping: baau6 jyu4) is the common Chinese name given to abalone and also the dried seafood product produced from the adductor muscle of abalone. In dried form, it is a highly prized and expensive ingredient used in Chinese cuisine. In certain regional Chinese cuisines, its status ranks with such priced ingredients as shark’s fin, sea cucumber and bird’s nest.

Fresh abalone is rarely used in Chinese cuisine. It is often purchased in dehydrated form and rehydrated prior to cooking. Recently, the use of canned abalone in recipes has risen in popularity.

Place of Origin

Cultivation process in Maluku , Because Maluku have excellent water quality and free of heavy metals or toxin


Vitamin B12, Iodine, Phosphorus, Protein, Selenium, Choline, Zinc and magnesium.

Benefit & Fact

  • A Nutrient Team for Better Cardiovascular Health
  • Increases Heart Rate Variability
  • Protection against Fatal Heart Arrhythmia,Cancer, Heart Attack
  • Rich for Omega 3 Protective against Colorectal Cancer

Quick Serving Ideas

  • Serve lightly cooked bay scallops with a salsa made from diced papaya, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and ginger.
  • Skewer marinated scallops, leeks and cherry tomatoes, and broil in the oven. Brush with garlic olive oil when done.
  • Add bay scallops to your gazpacho for extra flavor and nutrients.
  • Healthy Sauté scallops with ginger, shiitake mushrooms and scallions.

Dried Scallops

The soft fleshy texture and delicately mild sweet flavor of scallops are enjoyed by even those who are not particularly fond of fish or other shellfish. The season for fresh sea scallops and bay scallops runs from October through March, while fresh calico scallops are available from December through May. Sea scallops and frozen scallops are available year-round.

Scallops are mollusks that have two beautiful convexly ridged, or scalloped, shells. They consist of two shells hinged at one end which is why they are known to marine biologists as bi-valve mollusks. The edible portion of the scallop is the white muscle that opens and closes the two shells and is called the “nut.” The reproductive glands known as “coral” are also edible

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